Time For ‘Unlikeliest Conversation Ever’ Theater!

BCS Executive Director “Baghdad Bill” Hancock is doing volunteer work for the Vancouver Olympics, and lucky for us he’s keeping a diary of his daily travails.

Baghdad Bill Hancock Executive Director Of The BCS

Yesterday Hancock was driving a bus for “speedskaters” and claims in his latest entry that this actual conversation took place:

“The rules of being a driver are simple: drive and keep quiet. I always introduce myself, ‘Hi, I’m Bill, and I’m your driver, but you already figured that out.’ Then I don’t speak unless spoken to. Nobody likes a gabby person behind the wheel.

One of the skaters asked what I was doing here. ‘Oh, I work in college football.’ Two of them: ‘Like what?’

Me: ‘Oh, I work with the bowl games.’

Them: ‘Cool! Like how?’ Me: ‘Oh, I work with an event that’s called the BCS.’

Them: ‘The BCS! Wow, that’s awesome! What do you do?’

Me, after thinking about it for a long time: ‘Oh, I’m the executive director.’

Them: ‘Hey, we’re pretty cool! The executive director of the BCS is driving us around!’ (I enjoy people who talk in exclamation points!)

Me: (silence).

Them: ‘So, Mr. Executive Director, when are we going to have a playoff?’

Me: ‘Not in my lifetime, probably.’

Them: ‘Great! I don’t want a playoff.’

Them: ‘I went to the Rose Bowl this year. It was SO cool.’ And they kept talking, which allowed me to revert to the comfortable role of quiet driver.

Hancock’s diary entries are being published by Berry Tramel of the DAILY OKLAHOMAN, which obviously isn’t lost on the author. (Not a knock on Tramel, makes for interesting fodder.)

The supposed conversation took place as part of Hancock’s second diary entry for The Oklahoman, with the first not mentioning the BCS. Only a matter of time before Hancock used his “diary” as a platform to propagandize.

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“Baghdad Bill”: Hancock Named BCS Exec Director

Bill Hancock, a former NCAA employee, was today granted what may be the worst job in sports: The first permanent executive director of college football’s Bowl Championship Series.

Baghdad Bill Hancock Executive Director Of The BCS

Previously, Hancock had the title of “BCS “coordinator”, but the NCAA, seeing that it needs someone out front to Baghdad Bob the jeri-rigged system to the media, fans, and Congress, *promoted* Hancock to executive director.

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Let’s just hope Hancock unlisted his home phone before the announcement this morning.