Shelves Soon Vacated For Auburn BCS Title Swag

Academy Sports, a regional retail sporting goods chain, has signs up in all of its Alabama locations noting the following:

Auburn Championship Swag Sign At Academy Sports

All Alabama stores will re-open to sell championship product immediately following an Auburn Tigers championship win.

All Alabama stores?

Auburn Championship Swag Sign At Academy Sports

Okay, it’s just a sporting goods store for crying out loud. What could possibly go wrong?

Ammo Value Pack At Academy Sports

It isn’t like they sell “AMMO VALUE PACKS” or anything.

So, what’s the backup plan for a swag-seeking Tiger fan in the unlikely event Auburn actually loses? Read more…

Rollback Tide? BCS Trophy Displayed At Wal-Mart

If you hurry you can still get in line to see the BCS Championship Trophy down at the Tuscaloosa, Ala., Wal-Mart, where it will be on display today for the masses who will also appreciate the store’s low, low prices on trucker caps and plastic dinnerware. It’s part of a mini-tour that will also find the trophy at the Gardendale, Ala., Wal-Mart on Sunday, before it heads to the University of Alabama campus for good. One oogle per customer, please.

WalMart trophy

Anyway, too bad nobody wanted to see it. Here’s a twitpic of the line today to view the trophy … wait, do I detect shoplifting occurring in aisle seven? Call security! It’s a madhouse, as you can see.

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