AU AD Indicates All Players Eligible; Chizik Silent

Earlier today I reported that despite Auburn football coach Gene Chizik’s repeated refusals to confirm that all Auburn football players were currently academically eligible to play, the entire squad traveled to Arizona Monday to continue preparations for the BCS Championship Game against Oregon on Jan. 10.

(If you believe Auburn Athletic Jay Jacobs, it does.)

After the Tigers arrived in the Phoenix area following a flight from Atlanta, Senior Editor Phillip Marshall followed up on the subject of player academic eligibility with Chizik. The coach, once again, was silent on the issue. But Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs was a different story. Read more…

Ineligible Auburn Players Traveling To BCS Game?

Less than 24 hours ago David Morrison of the OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS reported that Auburn football coach Gene Chizik had not yet confirmed all of the team’s players as academically eligible for the BCS Championship game against Oregon in Arizona on Jan. 10.

Auburn's Terrell Zachery Academic Issues?


Morrison reported from Chizik’s most recent meeting with the media:

Auburn head coach Gene Chizik continued his vow of silence on whether any Tigers players wouldn’t be making the trip to the BCS National Championship game Sunday night, the night before Auburn is scheduled to fly to Glendale, Ariz.

“Like I said, if the roster changes with anybody, I will certainly let you know,” Chizik told reporters.

He also said he didn’t know when that time of notification would be.

“I haven’t really thought that far in advance,” Chizik said. “But you’ll know.”

At 1pm Monday the Auburn football team departed for Glendale, Arizona, with all of the Tiger football players in tow.

Morrison Tweeted from the scene:

Nick Fairley says “EVERYBODY” is playing. I assume that includes him, Terrell Zachery, Mike Blanc, etc.

Despite the Auburn defensive lineman’s claim that “everybody” on the Auburn squad would play in the game, the tenuous academic status of an Auburn player or players has not changed. Read more…