Amputee’s MMA Fight Isn’t Just About Fighting

Kyle Maynard has powers beyond your expectations. The congenital amputee (first discussed here last month) will participate in his first MMA match in Auburn, AL, this weekend against an unnamed opponent. Maynard has extended his reach into the American psyche through numerous articles this week, some decrying the mockery of MMA and others lifting Maynard above the common man.

Kyle Maynard Black Knight

Maynard’s greatest strength may be as a marketing engine, though. His autobiography (at age 20) won him a spot on the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller list and appearances with Oprah and Larry King in a 2006 media blitz. His fledgling MMA efforts have yielded him yet another round of attention this week and will certainly bring a stampede of viewers to his web site, where he will broadcast his Saturday fight.

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Quadruple Amputee Takes To Cage For MMA Fight

For years we’ve been hearing that mixed martial arts is poised to overtake boxing, and that the only thing stopping it is the mainstream’s image of MMA as a sideshow. Cartoony fighters, fluky outcomes and a general level of unprofessionalism are perceptions MMA is trying hard to shake. So why are they letting a quadruple amputee fight?

Kyle Maynard

Kyle Maynard, 22, was born with congenital amputation, which means his arms end at his elbows and his legs end at his knees. He’s been a successful high school wrestler, but this is different. In this, you’re allowed to punch. And Maynard, I’m guessing, may not be so good at blocking. So why would MMA allow something that makes it look even more like a circus?

Video of Maynard in action, after the jump.

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