NBCSports.com: KU AD Fired Instead Of Mangino?

John Taylor at NBCSports.com’s College Football Talk sources a very different side to the Mark Mangino saga at Kansas. Taylor cites a “school source with knowledge of the situation” who accuses Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins of a “convoluted vendetta” against Mangino which includes deceiving Jayhawk football players into speaking out against the coach and leaking embarrassing info about Mangino to the media.

Mark Mangino Lew Perkins

(KU AD Lew Perkins, appropriately stationed behind Mangino’s back)

The source correctly notes that the complaint that started the entire investigation into Mangino’s conduct was originally made by linebacker Arist Wright before KU’s Oct. 17 game against Colorado, when the Jayhawks were 5-0. News of Wright’s complaint was not made public until this week, after the team had lost five straight games.

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Names Of Players Who Complained About Mangino

Yesterday we broke the news that KU football players were complaining to the school’s athletic admin about Mark Mangino’s treatment of themĀ  - and how AD Lew Perkins threw Mangino under the bus.

Kansas Players Who Complained About Abuse From Mark Mangino

(Top to Bottom: Angus Quigley, Dakota Lewis, Arist Wright)

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