“Sex Toy Assault” Alleged In HS Volleyball Hazing

Four students were suspended and 6 staff members have been transferred from a Los Angeles high school in the wake of hazing allegations on the boys’ volleyball team, and boy, is this one a doozy. Investigators are keeping the particulars of the hazing hushed up, but descriptions of it include the words “locker room shower,” “suggestive acts with a sex toy”, and “held down by other students and assaulted.” So, you know, you do the math.

Taft Boys Volleyball Team

The staff members of Taft High School, including the principal and the volleyball coach, allegedly knew about the hazing and failed to stop it, and have been reassigned while the investigation continues. By which they mean, a pattern of rectum-wrecking dildo play, I suppose. Come on, guys. I was in a fraternity, and never did anything like this. You’re giving our homoerotic, all-male clubs a bad name.

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