Mugshot Of Bryan Stow Beating Suspect Posted

Here’s the mugshot of Bryan Stow beating suspect Giovanni Ramirez:

Giovanni Ramirez Mugshot

Ramirez was part of a police lineup at 6pm today in Los Angeles to assess whether witnesses could identify Ramirez as the man who assaulted Stow outside Dodger Stadium on Opening Day.

After the lineup was conducted Wednesday evening, members of the L.A. District Attorney’s office, the LAPD and Ramirez attorney Anthony Brooklier had no comment.

Earlier today crime reporter Eric Leonard of KFI-AM in Los Angeles reported that LAPD detectives working the Stow case had privately expressed to him that Sunday’s announcement by L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck indicating that the primary suspect in the Stow beating case had been caught was “highly premature.”

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Stow Beating Case: LAPD Arrested Innocent Man?

Longtime KFI-AM crime reporter Eric Leonard appeared on the Los Angeles station’s afternoon drive John and Ken Show Wednesday to provide an update on the Bryan Stow beating investigation.

It seems that, according Leonard’s LAPD sources, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck may have jumped the gun Sunday in declaring Giovanni Ramirez the primary suspect in the beating of Stow at Dodger Stadium on opening day.

“The investigators that were working on and are still working on the Stow beating investigation, say that it was highly premature for the mayor and the police chief and other officials to come out on Sunday and declare Giovanni Ramirez the primary suspect in this case before the detectives who are actually doing this investigation were given enough time to really get into this guy’s life and do an investigation.

“It turns out that Ramirez is the second or third person that’s been detained, arrested and questioned in this case. The other times it happened, nobody heard about it because the detectives were given the time to go out and do the investigation and as it turned out in the other cases, those people were cleared after they had been detained, questioned, had their homes searched and all of that.”

Leonard also noted that suspect Ramirez, through attorney Anthony Brooklier, not only claims he wasn’t at Dodger Stadium on the day in question, but that he’s never been to Dodger Stadium in his life.

“He says there is a solid base for an alibi. In fact, Brooklier goes so far to say that Ramirez has never been to Dodger Stadium. Ever. In his life. Let alone on that day.

“(Attorney Brooklier said Ramirez) was caring for this 10-year-old daughter during the relevant time period, and there are a number of alibi witnesses who can testify to that fact and he’s eager to get police to investigate and question these people.

A police lineup took place at 6pm local time in an attempt to identify Ramirez as the prime suspect in the case.

Though, as also noted by Leonard, the Los Angles District Attorney’s office was not scheduled to make the results of that witness identification process immediately available.

Results that Leonard characterized as “pivotal” to Ramirez remaining a person of interest in the case.

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