UNC Student Celebrates Title By Falling Into Fire

You would think that since the North Carolina Tar Heels won their second national championship in the last five years this past Monday, the students on campus would know how to celebrate. After all, the rules to celebrating a championship are pretty simple: You run out onto the street, tip every car you see, and light everything that’s flammable on fire while chugging whiskey straight out of the bottle. It’s that simple.

Of course, this is college, and much like the players on the team, every year brings new students to campus and they may not be as familiar with the rules as others. Andrew Madlon is a freshman at North Carolina and his celebrating on Franklin Street started out well enough. He began crowd surfing amongst a sea of fellow revelers, but then things went wrong. Sure, when crowd surfing, the crowd is supposed to let you down and may drop you from time to time. But it sure would be a lot nicer if they didn’t drop you into a bonfire.

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