NCAA Admits First Canadian Member School, Eh?

We’ve always liked Canada. It’s always reminded us a little like a colder, parallel-universe version of Minnesota, a place of which we have many fond childhood memories. It’s almost like being in the USA, but as Vincent Vega once said of Europe, it’s “the little things” that are different. Their football (or “football” as it’s called there) has three downs instead of four, for heaven’s sake - that’s crazy! They play a strange sport called iced-hockey, but allegedly have (an) NBA and MLB team of their own. They’re sports fans up there, just like us.

Simon Fraser Clan

(Team name could use a little work.)

However, one thing that’s always been drastically different about the sporting cultures of the two countries is college sports. NCAA athletics are uniquely American in that they - at least in football and basketball - serve as revenue generators and pro sports feeder leagues as opposed to serving strictly as an arm of the universities they represent. That could all be starting to change, though, as Simon Fraser University in British Columbia is the first Canadian school to join the NCAA. S-E-C…Curling?

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