Alonzo Mourning:Phil Jackson’s ‘Just Showing Up’

During the first three games of the NBA Finals, the first two games in particular, there was a lot of talk during the games about the way Kobe Bryant has been playing.  Kobe’s busted out a whole new face for these Finals, one that looks like a combination of a man who is incredibly determined to get the job done, and doing so while suffering from extreme constipation.  There have also been a lot of remarks about how Kobe has become a coach on the floor the way he’s chatting up teammates during stoppages and timeouts.

Well according to former NBA center Alonzo Mourning, the floor may not be the only place Kobe is doing his coaching.  Mourning was part of a teleconference with Shane Battier and Wally Szczerbiak for the American Century Celebrity Golf tournament on Wednesday when he questioned what exactly Phil Jackson’s role with the team is.  You know, since it’s obvious Kobe is doing everything on his own.

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