Raptors’ Bosh Accused Of Being A Deadbeat Dad

From what I can remember, Chris Bosh’s career in the NBA has been a mostly positive one. Since joining the league in 2003 after being taken fourth overall by the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Draft, he’s been able to play well on the court while staying out of trouble off of it. Usually the only time we see him mentioned in non-basketball stories is when he’s recording YouTube videos to campaign for the All-Star game. Well, now Bosh probably regrets that video.

It was at that All Star Game in New Orleans in which Bosh may have gotten himself into a bit of trouble. According to documents filed in court on Monday, Bosh got Allison Mathis pregnant after buying her fertility drugs, then when she was seven months pregnant, Bosh allegedly dropped her like a bad habit. Now she’s suing him for what he owes.

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