Richardson Mom: Rental Cars, 2010 Alabama Pad

Eight months ago T-Town Menswear owner and disassociated Alabama booster Tom Al-Betar posted a series of Facebook photos showing him in the company of Trent Richardson, Richardson’s mother Katrina and the current Alabama football star’s daughters.

(Trent’s mom: Pensacola “home” in 11/2010 but court doc shows otherwise)

In one of the photos, Richardson and his mother are shown with Al-Betar at the rogue booster’s menswear store - where Trent Richardson can be seen in dozens of other now-deleted Al-Betar photos signing T-Town Menswear promotional store displays and personalized Alabama football memorabilia - and picking out new suits.

Until I posted the photos of Richardson’s mother and daughters with Al-Betar last month, the Richardsons had given every indication that the football player’s family still resided in his hometown of Pensacola, Florida.

Story about Trent Richardson family moving to Alabama came six days after SbB posted photos of family and booster

(Six days after Booster’s pics posted on SbB, move to Alabama reported)

Though six days after I noted Al-Betar’s Richardson family photos on the disgraced Bama supporter’s Facebook page, the PENSACOLA NEWS-JOURNAL suddenly struck up a story about how Richardson’s mother and daughters had moved to Alabama. From the PNJ piece:

The driving force behind all of Richardson’s hard work are his daughters — Taliyah, 5, and Elevera, 3.

The pair are growing up too quickly for their 20-year-old father’s liking, and having them nearly 250 miles away in Pensacola wasn’t working.

So Richardson’s mom helped move them closer. The girls now live in Birmingham, about 60 miles west of Tuscaloosa. Richardson’s girlfriend — Taliyah and Elevera’s mother — and his mother and grandmother all help to watch the girls.

The Pensacola News-Journal provided no detail on Richardson’s mother and daughters moving from Pensacola to Alabama but Katrina Richardson appeared to indicate in a November 4, 2010, SHREVEPORT TIMES article that she was still living in Pensacola. From the story:

It would have been a lot easier on Katrina Richardson, if her son Trent had just gone to LSU.

That way her older son Terrell Richardson, a senior starting defensive end at Louisiana-Lafayette who is among the team leaders with three tackles for losses, would be much closer to his brother Trent Richardson, a tailback at Alabama who leads the Crimson Tide with 606 yards rushing.

And she would have much easier travel plans to see both play in person.

“Oh, it’s so hard,” she said from her home in Pensacola, Fla.

If Katrina Richardson provided her correct address to the Pickens County, Alabama, traffic court following a traffic stop in late 2009, Trent Richardson’s mother has been living in the Birmingham area since at least April 11, 2010.

Katrina Richardson speeding case #4551 was related to document that showed her 4/2010 Alabama address

(Case #4551: Katrina Richardson speeding ticket related to below certificate)

In response to being pulled over on November 30, 2009, in an Avis rental car for speeding (Case #4551) and failing to provide a necessary child restraint for a passenger (Case #4552), Katrina Richardson later submitted proof to the Pickens County, Alabama, Traffic Court of her completion of a defensive driving course.

Katrina Richardson traffic ticket that revealed her April 11, 2010, Leeds, Alabama address

Part of that proof was a document Katrina Richardson submitted to the court that reported her “address” to be located in the Birmingham suburb of Leeds, Alabama. (I’ve redacted the exact address and other personal details of all documents in this post - though the information is available to anyone online via public records requests.)

Katrina Richardson was also pulled over in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, on April 17, 2010 for failing to provide a necessary child restraint for a passenger. (Case #12354.) Despite listing her “address” as being in Leeds, Alabama six days earlier to Pickens County Traffic Court, this time Richardson claimed a Pensacola address to Tuscaloosa County Law Enforcement.

Katrina Richardson Rentals Cars And Address Discrepancy

 (Trent’s mom traffic stops: Two separate rental cars, address discrepancy)

Katrina Richardson was also cited for driving a Hertz rental car in the latter traffic stop, different from the Avis rental car she was documented to be driving when pulled over in Pickens County.

So who owns the (Birmingham-area) Leeds, Alabama, home Trent Richardson’s mother claimed as her residence in early 2010?

At the time Katrina Richardson claimed her Leeds, Alabama, resident address, April 11, 2010, a public title search of the home at the same address reveals it was in foreclosure at that time - with Fannie Mae as the last property tax assessee.

Katrina Richardson listed the folliowing home address in Birmingham Alabama in April 2010

(Home at the address Katrina Richardson listed to Pickens County Court in 2010)

Though according to Jefferson County 2011 property tax records, the mailing address of a woman named Kristie Kessler is listed as the property tax assessee. Ms. Kessler appears to own multiple properties in the Birmingham area including one with Dr. Allen W. Kessler.

Daugher of Dr. Allen W. Kessler owns home at address Katrina Richardson claimed to Pickens County Court

(Father of woman who owns home at address claimed by Katrina Richardson)

A check at the time of this post of Dr. Kessler’s Facebook page for his Fairfield, Alabama-based dental practice yielded the above image - which includes a seemingly non-sequitur reference to Trent Richardson.

Phone records connected to a title search of the Leeds, Alabama, single-family home found at the same address Katrina Richardson submitted to Pickens County Traffic Court on April 11, 2010, also yield the name Alethea Longmire - the mother of the son of Trent Richardson’s brother Terrell. The title search also shows that Longmire’s phone number was first associated with the address in April, 2010, the same month and year Trent Richardson’s mother claimed the Birmingham-area address to Pickens County Traffic Court.

Phone records connect Terrell Richardson baby momma to address of Katrina Richardson

(Trent brother’s baby momma connected to Katrina-claimed address)

There is further indication that at least one other member of Trent Richardson’s family, his adoptive brother Zan Carter, moved from Pensacola to Killen, Alabama, in 2009. At the time of this post Carter was still listed on the website as a player on the Killen-located 2009 Brooks High School freshman football squad that year.

Zan Carter, adoptive brother of Trent Richardson, played for Brooks High School Freshman Team in Killen Alabama in 2009

Brooks High has yielded multiple Alabama football players over the years, including former Crimson Tide player Freddie Roach, who was a member of the Crimson Tide football support staff until taking a job as an assistant junior college coach in February, 2011.

Since his move from Pensacola to Killen in 2009, Carter has also attended Huffman High School Birmingham, which is located about 13 miles from the address Katrina Richardson claimed to Pickens County Court on April 11, 2010.

Trent Richardson’s adoptive brother Zan Carter is now currently enrolled at Paul W. Bryant High School in the Tuscaloosa area.

With the Richardson family of modest means, it isn’t unreasonable to think that the funding of their now-documented move from Pensacola to various locations within the state of Alabama may be outside of NCAA rules.

Katrina Richardson Rentals Cars And Address Discrepancy

(Trent Richardson’s mom: Two traffc stops, two different rental cars)

That thought is further fueled by the separate rental cars Katrina Richardson was driving - as documented by Alabama law enforcement - in her two most recent traffic stops.

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