Goodbye, Hockeybear; Hello, Nuclear Death Bear

We surely hope you remember HOCKEYBEAR from a couple weeks ago. You know, the polar bear that flew through space with a galactic hockey stick and blew up the moon then destroyed the city of Anchorage? Also known as the greatest sports intro in history? All as part of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks’ hockey program?

Fairbanks Grizzlies Nuclear Death Bear
(You just woke up Nuclear Death Bear, and that is such a terrible idea, people.)

Well, it turns out UAF’s not the only sports outfit in Fairbanks with access to that demented 3-D artist, because he’s back. It turns out he (he? they? she? no, definitely not she) also crafted an intro for the local Intense Football League franchise, the Fairbanks Grizzlies. Oh yes, there’s video. Strap yourselves in, folks, then click through; video is after the break.

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UAF Hockey Bear Video Rules, And It Rules Hard

Alternate headline: Awesome Hockey Bear Wrecks Sh*t In Space.

In possibly the greatest college sports intro video ever produced, the University of Alaska-Fairbanks hyped its 2007-08 hockey season with the adventures of its mascot bear, who … well, you’ll just have to see the video.

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