Walking Boston To NYC For NBA Finals Tix? Yep

Would you walk alone from Boston to New York City in less than a week to score second row seats at midcourt to three NBA Finals games in Boston?

Tyler McGill Walking From Boston To New York City For NBA Finals Tickets

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Charles McMahon of Seacoastonline.com reports on a bizarre bet between friends that resulted in Rye, New Hampshire, resident Tyler McGill doing just that.

Seated in a booth with friends at a local sushi restaurant, the 27-year-old has been offered a challenge by his old college pals to see one of the greatest sports rivalries in person.

The bet: Walk all the way from TD Garden in Boston to New York City within a week.

The payoff: Three tickets — worth thousands of dollars — on the parquet floor in the second row at midcourt for Games 3, 4 and, if necessary, 5.

“Basically, two of my buddies got three seats to all of the Celtics home games in the finals,” said McGill via cell phone on Wednesday. “All I had to do was ask, ‘What would it take to get me all of those tickets?”

“They said, ‘Walk from the Garden to New York City and we’ll get you to all the games.”

After a false start when lack of preparation was met by heavy rain eight miles into the journey from Boston, McGill is now at around the halfway mark of his trek.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this. I hate walking. I’m basically walking a marathon and a 10K everyday.”

The walk averages out to about 32 miles per day, but McGill’s friends won’t be with him to check up on the legitimacy of his trek. Read more…

Can Al Roker Save The London Olympic Games?

Note to all nations playing host to the Summer Olympics in coming years: You cannot change the weather. We simply don’t possess the technology … just ask the 12 polar bears clinging to same small ice floe near the North Pole. But, damn it, they’re the British. They have to try.

Al Roker

We all watched with amusement at the Beijing Olympics when the Chinese seeded rain clouds with silver iodide pellets, trying to move the rain and help clear the smog. The British, actually, have no real plans to try and move clouds. Instead, they’re searching the world for a team of crack meteorologists so that they can predict the weather. I see no way this can fail! Read more…

Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz Met Through MySpace

• How did porn star Jenna Jameson & MMA fighter Tito Ortiz first meet? It was through the modern miracle of MySpace!

Tito Ortiz Jenna Jameson

• The Nuggets sting the Hornets with a record-tying playoff blowout.

Bob Knight would appreciate it if the Dutch media wouldn’t f***ing ask him about the f***ing chair-throwing incident.

• Could you stand yet another day of the NFL Draft - in primetime, even?

Al Roker & Donald Trump have thrown some of the most fabulously futile first pitches at Fenway.

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Baseball’s Best Baby Arms On Display In Boston

Up to this point, I’ve only be made aware of Baby Arms being found in Dallas.

Al Ro

But today I’m excited (and a little overwhelmed) to report that thanks to THE MAX, it appears we have clear, irrefutable evidence that two new baby arms were recently discovered in Boston.

No truth to the rumor that the Yankees have already offered Melky Cabrera and a dozen sample burst packs of Derek Jeter’s signature cologne for the pair of rare talents.