Michaels: ‘Sooner Or Later 69 Will Be In Your Face’

It’s one of broadcasting’s great truths: Sooner or later, if you’re on the air long enough, you will have your Howard Cosell moment. Cosell, of course, had his a career’s worth of work nearly obliterated by one unfortunate phrase during a 1983 Monday Night Football game, when he blurted during an Alvin Garrett scamper, “Look at that little monkey run!” Fans of the Redskins’ wide receiver, who is black, were not amused.

Al Michaels

What Al Michaels’ faux paux during Sunday night’s game between the Vikings and Cardinals lacked in racial undertones it gained in hilarity, as at one point he noted of the Vikings’ Jared Allen (who wears No. 69): “Sooner or later, 69 will be in your face.” Indeed. Get that audio to Canton, pronto. And the porn hall of fame, is there is such a thing.

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