Nike: Just Do As Serial Killer Says, Not As He Does

As a late convert to the awesomeness that is “Mad Men”, I’ve been going around annoying all everyone I know babbling about how sweet the show is. Everyone else went through their wannabe-Don Draper phase a couple years ago, but I’m just getting to it now. Deal with it, and someone get me a drink, stat. In any case, now that I’m a Mad Men viewer, I’m totally qualified to discuss advertising and branding with the best of ‘em.

Don Draper Nike Just Do It

For example, take “Just Do It.” Nike’s been telling us that for years, but what are they really saying? The uninitiated (read: people that haven’t watched as much Mad Men as I have) might think that it’s an exhortation to athletic excellence, or at least a request to buy more shoes. Those of us who are experts in advertising, however, know that it’s all about serial killers. That’s right - serial killers.

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