A Message To Red Sox ‘Boyfriend’: Act Like a Man

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Evan Longoria Turns Red Sox Fan Into a Little Bitch

So I was appalled to see a male Red Sox fan, who was afraid to give out his name, crying to the BOSTON HERALD this week about Evan Longoria trying to hook up with his “girlfriend” while the Rays were busy sweeping up the Fens last weekend.

“So this guy won’t stop texting my girl,” said our annoyed dime-dropper. “We are at a concert at the House Of Blues and he messages her: ‘I’m in town what are you up to?’ She replies, ‘With my man at a concert,’ and he says, ‘That’s unfortunate, etc. etc.”

Apparently Evan met the lady in question - who works as a bartender - on one of his previous forays to Fenway and he wanted to get up to bat again. And Longoria wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“He continued texting her all night and the next day. ‘Let’s go shopping, it’s harmless,’ ” said our spy. “And the next day, ‘Let’s go to a movie today.’ ”

The bummed out BF said he tried to “remain calm” during the Text Offensive, but he was rather aggravated. Especially when he found out that Evan was also texting another bartender asking her out, too!

“She, too, has a boyfriend and has told him to lay off, but he stays persistent,” he said.

Now our source - who was adamant about remaining nameless - insists he isn’t just slagging the Rays’ Romeo after the particularly savage beating his team put on our hometown heroes. He believes he is performing a public service!

“I think we should put this guy on blast and let all the guys around town know to make sure you don’t leave your GFs around Evan Longoria while he’s in town because he has no class or respect for other men,” he said.

Okay, if your “girlfriend” gave her number to Longoria, she was obviously interested in hanging out with him in the future. So I don’t blame the Rays third baseman one bit for going back to the well.

At the very least, if I’m going to call out Longoria, man-to-man, I’m not going to hide behind the skirt of the lady who wrote the Herald piece.

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Longoria and the Rays got a big, fat laugh from that sad, little Red Sox fan.

Still can’t believe that happened in The Bean. Might have to re-route my Bangladeshi friend to Chicago.