‘Accidental Nudity Football League’ Much Catchier

TheSmokingGun.com has a delightful update on Mitch Mortaza, the former Blind Date contestant (RAZOR!) attempting to maintain personal access to semi-nude hotties keep the Lingerie Football League afloat.

Lingerie Football League Accidental Nudity

TSG, which notes Mortaza as having a “rap sheet (that) includes drunk driving and public intoxication arrests,” has “repeatedly threatened legal action when players have complained (or simply inquired) about health coverage and wages.

Mitch Mortaza On Blind Date

(Mortaza: Football League Commissioner, Toe Ring Fetishist)

Sample of Mortaza’s subtle, legal approach: “Simply SHUT UP and play football.

Now I was always under the impression that the only reason the Lingerie League existed was as Mortaza’s own personal dating service. But I was wrong. Thanks to a standard player contract obtained by TSG, turns out the league really exists for one reason only: “Accidental Nudity.”

Lingerie Football League Accidental Nudity

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