Will NASCAR Flips Continue Until “Someone Dies”?

As we mentioned yesterday right after it happened, Carl Edwards had a horrific crash on the final lap of the Aaron’s 499 NASCAR race at Talladega, as he clipped the front of Brad Keselowski’s car while attempt to block a potentially race winning crash. The unheralded Keselowski went on to take the win, while Edwards went tumbling onto Ryan Newman’s roof before nearly hurtling into the crowd.

Carl Edwards flips at Talladega

While Edwards was fortunate enough to walk away unscathed - pulling a Ricky Bobby and running the last few hundred feet to the finish line - some fans were not, and we now know just how dangerous things were. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS says that seven fans suffered minor injuries after being hit with debris from both Edwards’ car and the catch fence that kept it out of the grandstand - including one woman with a possible broken jaw.

Video of the crash after the jump:

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Accidents Mar, Moisten Talladega NASCAR Race

On lap seven of the Aaron’s 499 Sprint Cup race at Talladega Superspeedway, a third of the field rubbed against each other roughly in a 13-car smashup that took nine cars into the garage and left six there for the remainder of the race. With only around seven laps left, another huge pileup took out much of the rest of the field in a Big One bookend crash.

Aarons 499 crash at Talladega

With one turn left, leader Carl Edwards’ car was tossed into the air by Brad Keselowski, where it bounced off the fence, tossing debris into the crowd and causing at least some injuries to fans. Keselowski took the win for his first Sprint Cup victory by leading his first lap ever.

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