Lions Announce Deal… With Their Backup Choice

The NFL draft is coming up, as ESPN has hammered into your skull a thousand times you might have heard, and all eyes have been focused on what Detroit will do with the first pick in the draft. They really only have their choice of about three players; select anyone outside of QB Matthew Stafford, LB Aaron Curry, or OT Jason Smith, someone they regard higher than those three, and they’ll be widely derided as “reaching.” This despite the fact that it’d be their only shot at getting that player short of a trade, and nobody’s willing to trade for the #1 spot in a draft lacking surefire stars like this. So it goes in a hive-mind society like the NFL scouts.

Aaron Curry Matthew Stafford

Luckily, Detroit has no such plans to stray from the big three, as according to MLIVE.COM, the team just announced this afternoon that they’ve got a deal in place with Curry, terms agreed to and everything, and they’re ready to get this guy signed before the draft begins. That way there’s no contract drama to worry about; he can just get into camp and go. Yep, they’re selecting Curry with the #1 pick … unless they sign Stafford first.

Wait, what?
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The Detroit Lions Don’t Have To Make The 1st Pick

With the NFL Draft approaching, the Detroit Lions are still looking to trade the first pick but aren’t finding any takers, and aren’t likely to. It’s not that they aren’t interested in Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford, it’s just that they would rather trade down and take him because quarterbacks are expensive enough, but when you take them number one overall they get really expensive.

Considering that the position is the hardest to predict success for in the NFL, it’s a lot of money to invest in a player that’s more likely to be a bust than a success. So what can they do? Do they just pass on Stafford and take a safer pick? They could, but that would be a bit of a cop out. No, if the Lions have balls they’ll just opt not to pick anybody.

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