SI Writer Denies Claims She Was Stalking A-Rod

Since it’s no doubt been a whole five or ten seconds since you last heard something about Alex Rodriguez and his positive steroid test and subsequent apology, let me end that peace for you. While most people would agree that A-Rod coming out & admitting he took steroids and apologizing for it was a good public relations move, there was still one part of Rodriguez’s apology he probably could have left out. That would be accusing SPORTS ILLUSTRATED writer Selena Roberts of stalking him.

Selena Roberts Alex Rodriguez

True, Roberts broke the story and no doubt had to do some investigating to get the info she needed, but saying that she was stalking him and had even broken into his house without any kind of proof to back it up is a bit much. I mean, I get why you’d be ticked off at her, but after all, you did just admit everything she said about you is true. For her part, Roberts denies any of Rodriguez’s claims.

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