80 Foot Wave Crushes Laird Hamilton Who Then Saves Partners Life

HAMILTON CRUSHED BY 80-FOOT WAVE, BARELY SURVIVES: The HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN reports that some of the largest waves ever seen in Maui surfaced Monday, and famed surfer Laird Hamilton and his surf partner, Brett Lickle, were nearly killed trying to ride them.

Laird Hamilton

Lickle towed Hamilton on a jet ski to one of the waves, which eventually wiped them both out. In the impact, Lickle’s calf muscle was torn in half and was hanging off his leg.

Laird Hamilton

Hamilton eventually located Lickle (after a 15 minute swim) and tore his wetsuit off to use as a torniquet, probably saving Lickle’s lower leg. It took 56 staples to close the wound, but Lickle should recover fully.

Laird Hamilton Gabby Reece

If it’s any consolation to Hamilton, at least he had something warm and cozy to go home to.