Kim Kardashian Plays Some Football at the Beach

Kim Kardashian tosses the pigskin while showing some skin of her own:

Kim Kardashian beach football

Hilary Rhoda, the marvelous model in Mark Sanchez’s GQ photoshoot, is apparently dating the Jets QB.

• A lawyer who’s previously represented many Denver Broncos players is now defending those responsible in Darrent Williams’ shooting death.

Eric Naposki: From NFL linebacker to murderer of a millionaire.

• NASCAR suspends Carl Long for 12 races & fines his crew chief $200,000 for using an engine that was too big.

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Sports Station Takes ‘Idol’ Approach To Reporting

Like most sports fans, you’ve probably found yourself yelling at the dolts on the local sports radio station at one time or another. Whether it’s a talk show host railing against new media, bloviating against Milton Bradley, or just flat-out yelling about god knows what, there comes a point where you find yourself staring in disbelief at the Blaupunkt in the dash, yelling “I could do better than that!”

SNL Superfans

(Hard-hitting Chicago sports journalism.)

In honor (or not) of last night’s “American Idol” finale, now’s the chance for fans to put their money where their mouth is, as a Chicago sports radio station is giving fans the opportunity to win an on-air reporter job in a month-long Idol-meets-”Dream Jobtrainwreck competition. What could possibly go wrong?

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