Michigan Football Movie: 50 Cent On Authenticity

Remember last year when 50 Cent released a couple Twitter photos that revealed a sudden, startling weight loss? The public was aghast, thinking that Mr. Cent was perhaps the victim of health problems.

50 Cent Football Movie Things Fall Apart

(Still from new 50 Cent film based on Univ. of Michigan football player)

Coincidentally, I was left equally aghast this morning when promotional stills of the movie for which 50 Cent dropped the weight defeated my spam filter arrived in my inbox.

In the flick, titled Things Fall Apart, Fitty plays fictional character Deon Barnes, a University of Michigan football player whose dreams of an NFL career are dashed after contracting terminal cancer.

50 Cent Football Movie Things Fall Apart Movie Poster

The movie was shot in Grand Rapids, with football scenes rehearsed and filmed at a local community college stadium and an indoor soccer facility.

50 Cent Football Movie Things Fall Apart Movie Poster

(”L” on the helmet? How appropriate)

Barnes’ doctor is Goodfellas legend Ray Liotta, who plays the lead in the film. Read more…

Dear 50 Cent: Marv’s Bite’s Worse Than His Bark

Diane Pucin of the LOS ANGELES TIMES has the delightful news that 50 Cent’s entourage roughed up Marv Albert as the broadcaster waited to guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

50 Cent's Entourage Roughs Up Marv Albert Before Jimmy Kimmel Live

 As Albert arrived, with an entourage of one, TNT public relations specialist Jeff Pomeroy, there was a sudden scuffle when a multitude of 50 Cent protectors seemed unfamiliar with Albert. There was shouting (”It’s Marv Albert,” yelled a Kimmel show guard, a pronouncement that seemed to have no effect on the 50 Cent phalanx.) There were obscenities. A fist or two flying. A “Don’t you put your hands on me” pronouncement.

And finally Albert made it to his waiting room, relatively unruffled but slightly puzzled. “Did you see that?” Albert said. “I thought they were kidding, but then I realized they weren’t.”

Ironic, when you consider Marv and Fitty have so much in common.

When you see Marv Albert, you think ..

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This Volley’s for You, Ping Pongers: Bud Wants In

There’s not much worse than hearing nonsense about your favorite fringe sport not getting enough “respect”. You don’t want respect for your sport!  You want to lock the doors and shutter the windows when you start getting “respect” because that’s when the marketers and advertisers start sniffing around your beloved activity and determining the best way to suck the life force out as quickly as possible.

ping pong bikini girls

(Best of three synergistic cross-promotional opportunities, anyone?)

Sorry, ping pong; the last paragraph totally isn’t true.  There’s nothing but good that can come from finding out that Budweiser (via their new owner, InBev) has been sniffing around your sport because “Bud Light is a fun brand” and they’d love to be associated with your tournament and ESPN wouldn’t mind broadcasting the finals because this might be an inroad to China’s consumers they love the game.

Run!  Grab your paddles and run for your lives!

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Ron Artest Loves Celine Dion, Bedeviled By Bacon

Some athletes are just so insane that what would be considered to be completely off-the charts bonkers for the average player is yawn-inducing coming from them. A perfect example: Ron Artest. Honestly, if you read an interview with him where he went into great detail about imaginary friend Harvey the Rabbit, would you surprised at all?

Ron Artest and Celine Dion

But his answers to a “My Profile” piece for SPORTING NEWS TODAY are gloriously loopy even by his standards. One of the highlights? When asked what was in his iPod, he gave two answers. One was “my own music,” which is predictably self-serving. But the other answer is so bizarre that if it was someone other than Ron Artest who gave it, you would be sure it was a joke: Celine Dion.

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50 Cent and Mayweather Fight and America Wins

SPORTAPHILE reports confirmation that 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather recently had a slap fight street brawl during a celebrity basketball game held by Mayweather. (”I’m beatin’ your #*%#$ for the children, Fitty.”)

Floyd Mayweather 50 Cent Strip Club

(The cheeky young boys in better times)

Apparently, someone reneged on a prop bet (first to immolate their career with ridiculous choices?) and these two fine young men debated in the traditional format for a hardcore rapper and a boxing champion: Oxford rules.
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Reggie Bush May Have Attempted To Steal Ciara Away From Rapper 50 Cent

DID REGGIE AMBUSH 50 CENT’S DIME PIECE? TheBigLead spots some photos of Reggie Bush and singer Ciara from Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party - leading to speculation on an entertaiment blog “that Ciara’s new lil boo is none other than Reggie.

Reggie Bush Ciara Grammys Clive Davis Party

And after an intimate inspection of this rendering of Ciara, who can blame him?

Ciara Reggie Bush 50 Cent Grammys

But with that news in mind, the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS recently published a report that might have Bush shifting his considerable assets into a significant Kevlar investment, since Ciara was spotted by Daily News spies last week with 50 Cent.

50 Cent Ciara Reggie Bush

The two collaborated recently on a song for her new album, and they “were together Thursday night, looking like a couple trying not to look like a couple. The rapper was spotted in his car in LeFrak City with ‘Ciara in the backseat, attempting not to be seen.’“Another D-N source said the duo is “a new underground couple.”

If the 50 Cent-Ciara coupling is true, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Bush has tried to take something that wasn’t his.