National Sports Radio: All Day, All Night, All White

I worked in sports radio for 16 years as talk show host (national and local), play-by-play announcer (minors and majors) and program director (major market). Since sports is still my business, I listen to sports radio all the time - including the three major national sports radio nets: ESPN, Fox and Sporting News.

Fox Sports Radio 2009 Lineup

(Fox Sports Radio weekday, general sports talk show lineup)

If you’ve read SbB over the years, you know I’m not a pc guy. But recently, in canvassing the talent on the three national sports radio outlets, I noticed a pretty remarkable demographic disparity worth noting.

ESPN Radio Lineup 2009

(ESPN Radio weekday, general sports talk show lineup) 

Of the 18 weekday, general sports talk shows on those three networks, exactly one show features a black host. And zero feature a Latino or female.

So where can you find that rarest of radio species, the black national talk show host? Read more…