Video: Yankees, Phillies Fan Fight In Parking Lot

Looks like Phillies fans who bussed up for a World Series game last week:

Yankees Phillies Fans Fight Outside Yankee Stadium

What I’d do to let that go for a couple-three hours.

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Philly Fans, As Always, Remain Dignified In Defeat

Well that was fun.

Phillies Fan Gives Middle Finger

(Always tirelessly keeping up appearances)

Ryan Howard’s reax didn’t let us down either, according to Arthur Staple of New York NEWSDAY: Read more…

Ground Beef: Close-Up Of Howard’s Non-Catch

I watched this over and over last night, convinced Ryan Howard caught it. Then I saw the below screen shot this morning:

Ryan Howard Non-Catch World Series

He didn’t. Video after the jump.

Do you blame umpires for missing Ryan Howard’s non-catch?

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For Your Collection: Video Of Cliff Lee Cool Catch

For your hard drive (now you have something on there you can open without the door being deadbolted):

Cliff Lee Nonchalant Catch

The Yankee fan freakout-fest over last night was predictable and wonderfully amusing. Almost as predictable has been the media’s overreaction to Lee’s performance.


(Source - shoulda been ‘New Yawk’)

If the Phillies lose the Series, no one will remember what happened last night - save the catch.

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