Enough Lakers-Celtics Nostalgia? Just One More

FINALLY, it’s tip-off. After days & days of hype & history, the Lakers and Celtics will be facing off this evening for the NBA crown.

Kobe Lakers Celtics

All this reminiscing of Bird & Magic can now give way to the showdown between Kobe & Garnett. And it’s about time.

Yes, it’s a renewal of a great championship rivalry, and we know David Stern breathed a huge sigh of relief that his Finals aren’t a rehash of a Pistons-Spurs snoozefest. And now that the Stanley Cup chase has been completed, the league should have no more worries about losing in the Nielsen numbers.

But enough with the ’80s nostalgia - that’s so mid-to-late ‘9os. We had reached our limit with all this looking back- until we saw this 1987 ad from Converse: (video after the jump) Read more…