Week In Review: Anna Goes ‘Daddy’; Lance Hurts

Anna Rawson takes a swing at becoming the newest Go Daddy Girl.

Anna Rawson

Lance Armstrong breaks his collarbone after taking a spill in Spain. Wonder how the race coverage would have sounded in Punjabi?

• Even NBA cheerleaders aren’t safe in these harsh economic times.

• Some Golden Domers get their Irish up over President Obama’s plans to speak at Notre Dame’s commencement.

Herb DeShaies, you old dog! Sneaking an on-camera kiss with a sideline reporter & embarrassing your son Jim in the meantime.

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Shawn Johnson Stalker Caught at ‘Dancing’ Studio

• Some overly-obsessed 34-year-old tried to abduct Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson during a “Dancing With The Stars” taping.

Shawn Johnson Olympic leap

• A girls’ HS basketball team roughs up a roster of Dallas radio guys.

• Apocalypse now? Isiah Thomas could be put in charge of the Clippers.

• White Sox closer Bobby Jenks doesn’t read, but really likes his rear.

• This giveaway’s a gas: Minor league team plans to hand out fart filters.

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Dallas Radio Guys No Match For High School Girls

Old men getting together with young girls? Oh, no - not something like this again. But surprisingly, this particular story isn’t seedy. The old guys are members of Dallas sports radio station 1310 THE TICKET. The young ladies are members of the Lake Highlands High School girls basketball game. And the two got together for a little hardwood action.

Team Ticket basketball

Richie Whitt of the DALLAS OBSERVER bounces along the details of this latest skirmish in the Battle of the Sexes. The showdown between Team Ticket and the Lake Highlands Thunder apparently came about after the drubbing Dallas Academy took in a 100-0 blowout. Male members of the station had proclaimed that even they themselves could defeat a high school girls squad.

So, how did things shape up for The Ticket? Just like the guys’ physiques in the following photos & video, it didn’t look good.

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