$12,000 For A Soccer Ticket? Welcome To Moscow

The CHAMPIONS LEAGUE final between Chelsea and Manchester United is set for May 21 in Moscow. We don’t know who we feel more sorry for: the fine, upstanding citizens of Moscow or the British fans set to invade one of the world’s most corrupt, crime-ridden burgs.

Champions League

(Did they commission Beijing for the logo?)

Our favorite development thus far on the game comes from the NEW YORK TIMES, which reports that “Russian officials announced Monday that British soccer fans will be allowed to travel to Moscow for the Champions League final without an entry visa.

45,000 such Visas are due to be issued. Of course, that is if Russians can muster enough bureaucratic infrastructure for the job (that’s the one area they’ve got covered). And we’re absolutely positive that *welcoming* all those unscreened British *soccer fans* will have no consequences.

So why is Moscow so enthusiastic about welcoming the Brits and making nice-nice? Read more…