Piniella To Give Milton Bradley Private Lessons

Some people might think that Chicago Cubs fans feel deprived. Despite a robust payroll and high expectations, the team is wallowing in mediocrity, mired in second place behind the St. Louis Cardinals. Then, of course, there’s the whole 100-years-and-counting thing. Fans of another team might be morose or angry.

Lou Piniella Milton Bradley

But why be so upset when mediocrity can be so damn entertaining? The Cubs have two of baseball’s most, um, colorful characters in Lou Piniella and Milton Bradley. The two loudmouths have taken turns running off their mouths all season, much to the delight of impartial observers. Now they’re taking their unintentional comedy act to the next level as Piniella has announced he’ll be serving as Bradley’s close personal life (and hitting…OK, maybe just hitting) coach.

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Cubs Accidently Ejected Longtime Clubhouse Guy

Over the years, many people have sought to find reasons for the Chicago Cubs’ 100-years-and-counting championship drought. The more realistic Cubs fans usually blame a combination of inept ownership and poor talent development, but that hasn’t stopped people from blaming, goats, curses, youth sports coaches, or even God for the team’s struggles.

Cubs equipment manager Yosh Kawano

(Tribute…or wanted poster?)

Not that we believe in any of that mumbo jumbo, but there seems to be a lot of truth in the old saying, “what goes around, comes around.” So when the Cubs’ security guards kicked 88-year-old retired equipment manager Yosh Kawano out of the clubhouse a couple weeks ago, it made it that much easier to understand why the Cubs never seem to catch a break. Karma - you’re doing it wrong.

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Chicago Cubs Considering Filing For Bankruptcy

With the World Series victories of the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox earlier this decade, the Chicago Cubs now stand alone as baseball’s historic example of poor management, baseball ineptitude, and postseason futility. Sure, teams like the Pirates and Royals are more laughably inept now, but only the Cubs prove that such awfulness can last for centuries.

Cubs fans had hoped this was changing recently with the 2007 sale of the Tribune Company to angry munchkin Sam Zell. Unfortunately, anyone who has actually worked for Sam Zell could have told them not to get their hopes too high; predictably, the Cubs have underachieved under Zell’s brief ownership (of course, he’s been trying to sell them the entire time). And now, the sad-sack story of the Cubs has reached new heights/depths with the news that the team - one of the most valuable properties in all of sports - may be filing for bankruptcy.

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iPhone App Reminds Cubs Fans Their Team Sucks

For generations, the Chicago Cubs have provided the nation with baseball punchlines - think of 1908, Eamus Catuli, Lee Elia, billy goats, Harry Caray, and any number of other Cubs-related names/dates/objects that instantly convey the idea of the “lovable losers” from the North Side. Even the stadium has evolved into a tourist attraction, something to gawk at to take away from the lackluster play on the field. Every year, national and local media alike write long stories about the Cubs’ futility. It’s not something that Cubs fans can forget, even if they tried.

Cubs iPhone App

(The only way this could possibly be any more annoying is if it played Feist songs.)

But in case all the reminders across the city of Chicago and the general sports consciousness weren’t enough…yep, there’s an app for that. Amazingly, software developer Bearded Pony has just released an iPhone app that will constantly remind Cubs fans just how much their team sucks, for the low price of $0.99!

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Typical Cubs Opening Day: Thrilling HR, Still Lose

After last week’s trip to Tokyo and Sunday night in DC, Opening Day started for real for the rest of Major League Baseball. And the Chicago Cubs embarked on their 100th season since their last World Series win.

Kosuke Fukudome Cubs

As usual, there was high drama at Wrigley Field this cold, rainy afternoon, as Kosuke Fukudome made quite a debut in Cubbie Blue. And as usual, the Cubs blew it. Read more…