Vick Bankruptcy Lawyers Submit $2.6 Million Bill

Just to give you an idea of how screwed up Michael Vick’s life is, here’s this nugget of information from the DAILY PRESS OF NEWPORT NEWS: his lawyers are now fighting with each other in court over legal fees. It seems that his criminal lawyers are concerned that the lawyers in his ongoing bankruptcy case are over-billing him for their services. And the fact that they had originally submitted a fee application for $2.66 million in billable hours and expenses would tend to lend some credence to their claims.

Michael Vick Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Vick’s bankruptcy lawyers have claimed to have worked more than 7,200 hours on his case. Lawrence H. Woodward Jr. and Billy Martin, the lawyers who negotiated his plea deal on dogfighting charges, showed up at a bankruptcy hearing to claim that number sounds incredibly fishy to them.

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