Brand New Tag Heuer Tiger Woods Ads Yanked

Chris Thomson of Perth, Australia’s WA TODAY has the latest sponsor of Tiger Woods, watch maker Tag Heuer, scaling back its relationship with the golfer.

Tag Heuer Drops Tiger Woods Advertising In Australia

Swiss watch maker Tag Heuer is removing placards of Tiger Woods from jewelry stores across Australia but says the timing is unrelated to the champion golfer’s recent transgressions. Tag Heuer is one of Woods’ major sponsors, and its move this week follows Woods’ spectacular fall from grace after revelations of alleged extra marital affairs.

Spectacular coincidence that Gatorade, Gillette and Tag Heuer have all pulled ads involving Woods - but claim it has nothing to do with reports of his alleged infidelity.

But in the case of Tag Heuer, we have clear evidence that his bad publicity led to the company’s decision to remove ad placards featuring Woods across all of Australia.

Ron Smales, owner of a Perth watch store, said Tag Heuer issued his shop a “firm request” that “all advertising containing Woods’ image be taken down.”

“We’ve only just put them up. Why would you take them down and the other ones aren’t ready to go up? There were no reasons, but at the end of the day we know what’s going on in the news.”

But Tag Heuer general manager Philip Richards claimed, “the removal of the posters from up to 100 distributing stores across Australia had nothing to do with recent developments in Woods’ life.”

Richards did confirm though that Tag Heuer’s sponsorship of Woods had not been dropped.

It appears that what companies sponsoring Woods are now doing is withdrawing any overt public association with the golfer. It’s reasonable to assume that when Woods’ contractual agreements with some of those same sponsors end, deals will not be renewed.

The candid comments of Smales, the individual watch shop owner in Perth, gives us clear indication that Tag Heuer is indeed distancing itself from Woods because of the recent reportage of the golfer’s alleged extramarital affairs and the strange circumstances surrounding his car accident.