Tabs: Stay In Remission Til Amy Is Cancer-Free

Let’s take a look at what was really on the mind of all you golf fans after Phil Mickelson’s dramatic Masters win yesterday:

Amy Mickelson Michael Jordan Google Searches

First time I’ve ever cheered a Chechnyan hacker’s trap for an unsuspecting Googler.

In case you’re wondering, Amy Mickelson is way ahead of you on this one. golf writer Steve Elling broached the subject with Amy in May, 2009: 

For whatever reason, her famously successful husband, a certain left-hander who ranks No. 2 in the world, has often been a lightning rod for salacious stories, brutally baseless innuendo and scathing gossip. Surely, you’ve heard a few of them yourself.

Most of the crazy stories, some involving Amy, too, have made their way to her ears. Instead of getting mad, Phil Mickelson’s wife occasionally repeats them, both for laughs and to underscore the lunacy of the insinuations. That’s how seriously she takes herself, not to mention the vapid rumors that have sometimes swirled around the couple.

Walking along the gallery ropes at a tournament recently, she was overheard repeating some of the wildest of their alleged escapades while rolling her eyes.

“Oh, wait, have you heard the one about me and Michael Jordan?” she said, howling.

That’s what makes Wednesday’s news that much harder to accept: The most unguarded, unpretentious and personable wife on the PGA Tour was diagnosed with breast cancer and is likely to face surgery soon.

“Oh, wait, have you heard the one about me and Michael Jordan?” she said, howling.

Amy is a former Phoenix Suns cheerleader, which explains the link with Jordan.

From what’s happened the past five months, we know that anything’s possible. Let’s just hope Radar, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER and American Media at large will remain in remission until Amy is cancer-free.