T-Mac’s Baby Mama Wants Her Kid Spoiled Too

Most of us can pretty much guess that if you’re the kid of a star athlete, you’ve got it pretty darn good. Now, we get a bit of a look at just how good it can get, thanks to Tracy McGrady’s baby mama, Pearl Vega, and her aim to get the same lifestyle for their daughter that McGrady’s other kids enjoy.

Tracy McGrady

The SARASOTA HERALD-TRIBUNE informs us that the Houston Rockets star will be paying just over $54K a year to Vega. Not surprisingly, Vega wanted much more per year (in the $200,000+ range) than the amount the judge awarded.

Circuit Judge Donna Berlin ruled that Vega had overstated the child’s needs and has “used child support to enhance her personal lifestyle and that of her other two children.”

“It is inappropriate for Ms. Vega to use child support as a means to further her education when she chooses to attend college as a full-time student and expect Mr. McGrady to pay for tuition, a full-time nanny and other domestic help,” Berlin wrote in the decision.

Problem is, Vega’s attorneys believe otherwise, considering what they put forth as evidence: the lifestyle McGrady’s three kids with his wife have.

  • 6-bedroom, 230,000 square-foot house
  • $5K a month on a chef and $1,732 a month for a housekeeper
  • Private pre-school and tutors
  • Tens of thousands of dollars in personal travel each month
  • Stays at the Ritz-Carlton

The real topper: a $16,000 birthday party for one of the children, with 40 kids invited to enjoy — including a magician, face painting, and a clown.

Criss Angel

I see this as slightly excessive, yes, especially when T-Mac could have saved some money by hiring either Criss Angel or David Blaine, and getting a two-for-one on the magician and the clown.