Sylvie Van Der Vaart Thinks Miss Bundesliga Is Hot

Let’s start this the right way: Sylvie van der Vaart is the woman you see below. Sylvie is not a guy’s name. It’s just European. More importantly, the aforementioned woman below had to relinquish her unofficial Miss Bundesliga crown when her husband, Dutch striker Rafael van der Vaart, moved to Real Madrid in September. Well, according to the German magazine BILD, she says that she finds her successor, Nives Celsius, equally stunning.

Sylvie van der Vaart
(This is the old Miss Bundesliga. The new one’s just as hot.)

So, what does Sylvie’s favorite addition to the Bundesliga look like? And what does she have to say about the former Playboy model and wife of Koln striker Dino Drpic, the man fired from Dynamo Zagreb for having sex with her on the pitch? Check after the jump to find out.

Here’s Ms. Celsius — or Nives Zeljkovic, as she’s actually named — in all her glory. Not bad, we know.

nives celsius
(Miss Bundesliga is dead. Long live Miss Bundesliga.)

In fact, she’s so not bad that van der Vaart called her “a real looker.”

“I have to say, Nives is a spectacular new recruit for the Bundesliga. She is a real looker, a really racey, fiery young woman.”

See, only in a place like Germany could that statement be met with universal applause … for a woman who admitted having sex on a field with her husband.

nives celsius again

But why are we wasting space on these stupid words. More pictures. Or better yet, video!

nives celsius