Switzer: Brett Favre To Join FOX-TV Studio Show?

Mike Fisher of Scout.com reports that Barry Switzer said last week that Brett Favre’s first move out of the pocket may be to join the Fox NFL studio show.

Brett Favre TV

That’s why FOX included Switzer on its studio show last year, pairing him as a “Grumpy Old Man’’ with long-time friend/nemesis Jimmy Johnson. But Switzer told me on Friday that while the network is still negotiating with him about a role, FOX may replace him on its totem pole with another legendary name.

“Well, they’re talking to Favre,’’ said Switzer as we both attended OU’s Honorary Degree luncheon on the school’s campus. “I still think they want me involved in some way. But with Brett. … they might pair him in a segment with (Terry) Bradshaw, I don’t know. … It’s a lot of fun for me, but there’s only so much time (available) on that show. And, hey, he’s Brett Favre!’’

I think it’s safe to say that Favre is going to drag out his decision to the absolute last second, so this info by Switzer is probably premature.

But like seemingly every recently-retired, high-profile quarterback who enjoys free money (and in Favre’s case, ATTENTION!!!), it’s a safe bet he’ll be inside someone’s idiot box - if not on the field - this season.