Switch-Hitter Meets ‘Switch-Pitcher’ In Minors

Baseball is often most fun when anomalies collide. Like the Royals and winning. And a switch-hitter facing a switch-pitcher.

switch hitter switch pitcher

Such a fantastic event happened last night when Pat Venditte, who can pitch with both hands, met switch-hitter Ralph Henriquez in the bottom of the ninth in a Class A minor-league game.

ESPN reported that the rules of baseball dictate that in such a situation, the pitcher must declare which arm he intends to pitch with at the beginning of the at-bat. The hitter, then, can hit from the side of the plate of his choice. But when the managers came out to appeal, they determined that Henriquez must declare first.

Venditte then announced he would pitch right-handed, getting the preferred righty-versus-righty matchup. Henriquez went down swinging.


Watch the entire at-bat here.