Swine Flu Threatening NYC HS Baseball Schedule

Swine flu is all the rage these days, as you can’t turn on the news without hearing of the latest diagnosed case in the United States or in other parts of the world. To be honest, I’m not even entirely sure what swine flu is exactly because I don’t really care. I don’t work with pigs, and I live inside a plastic bubble like John Travolta did in that one movie, so I’m not exactly worried.

(”Touch me. I dare you.”)

Still, there are the rest of you people who don’t live in a bubble — I call you “world walkers” — who may be susceptible to the disease. Sucks for you. It also sucks for students at St. Francis Prep in New York, where an outbreak occurred amongst the schools’ students last week. Everybody is fine and the school has undergone a pretty intense cleaning, but although the school is scheduled to reopen this week, that doesn’t mean anybody wants to play their baseball team.


“I have heard from parents and they are extremely concerned,” said coach Dennis Canale, whose CHSAA baseball champion Xaverian is scheduled to play St. Francis at Cunningham Park tomorrow and again on Thursday. “We’re going to have a meeting with our principal (this) morning and find out what we’re going to do. If it were just up to me I might take a chance, but this is 27 kids. I’m a parent, so I would feel the same way. You don’t want to jeopardize the kids’ health.”

But speaking on behalf of the players, Xaverian pitcher Justin Giammarino said, “I don’t think anybody’s really worried about it.”

St. Francis’ baseball team already postponed Monday’s game against Christ the King and today’s versus St. Edmund Prepatory School. Before the outbreak of swine flu, it had to postpone several games due to the rainy weather.

St. Francis’ AD Sal Fischetti (do they allow anybody who isn’t Italian into these schools?) said that while some of the players on the school’s team said they didn’t feel well, upon being evaluated none of them were found to be infected. Still, it’s too bad they’re not going to be able to play because they could take advantage of this whole thing.

After all, who’s going to want to pick up a baseball one of the St. Francis players touched or tag them out on the basepaths? They could put up 100 runs before the end of the first inning as opposing players did everything in their power to run away from the ball.