Swimmers Not Allowed to Cover Up Their Modesty

You may remember that during the Summer Olympics in Beijing last year, there was quite a bit of controversy surrounding the new swimsuits worn by swimmers. Apparently they were such advanced pieces of technology that they were causing world records to be broken at world record pace, and they were making everybody just a little bit faster.

Therese Alshammar

Seems that critics may have been right, since 105 swimming world records were broken during 2008, and that led Swimming Australia to make a couple of rule changes. Unfortunately for one Swedish swimmer, she had to learn these rules the hard way. Therese Alshammar (pictured above) was stripped of  a title and a world record when it was discovered that she had been wearing a “modesty suit” underneath her swimsuit while competing.


The International Swimming Federation (FINA) on Thursday weighed in on the row over hi-tech swimsuits, declaring swimmers cannot wear anything at all under their costume to protect their modesty.

The move comes after Alshammar became the first swimmer to be stripped of a world record under new rules because she wore two swimsuits when she bettered her existing world mark in the 50 metre butterfly in Sydney.

Alshammar slammed the decision, declaring the rules sexist and saying she thought she was allowed to wear a “modesty suit” under her skin-tight racing gear.

It seems officials at the Australian Swimming Championships had told female swimmers they could wear bikini bottoms underneath their swimsuits to keep all the horny teenaged boys in the crowd at bay. But FINA said they didn’t care what somebody on a power trip from having a whistle around their neck said - nobody is allowed to wear anything under the suit.

So that means that swimmers bodies must be on display for all to see, and while I don’t know how you feel on the subject, that’s just fine with me. Hell, I say we take it one step further. The swimmers are still wearing suits that supposedly give them an advantage, so I say we make everybody swim naked.

Sure, it will hurt ratings of the men’s events, but we’ll get over it.