At Least Suzyn Waldman Still Likes Roger Clemens

Twelve months ago, Roger Clemens told the crowd at Yankee Stadium that he was coming back to the Bronx - and Suzyn Waldman went bonkers.

Roger Clemens Suzyn Waldman

Now, a Mitchell Report, Brian McNamee, Mindy McCready & Paula Dean Daly later, the Yankees’ radio gal shares her thoughts on the Rocket’s burnout in the public eye.

Neil Best of NEW YORK NEWSDAY catches up with Waldman, who says she’s saddened by how happy people seem to be to crush Clemens:

“The only thing that has surprised me and disappointed me is the glee with which people are going after Roger. I think the more people accomplish, the bigger people are, the more excited people are to bring them down, and there’s a real feeding frenzy on this man.”

And Suzyn wants no part of the noshing. In fact (and not surprisingly), she still holds the Rocket in high esteem, since he’s been so nice to her:

“I can only judge people on what I observe and how they treat me. And since the mid-’80s, I’ve known him and all of his family and watched the kids being born and knew his mother and know his sisters … I never saw this stuff. I don’t know if it’s true. Does it change what I think of Roger Clemens? I don’t think so.”

Good to know that Clemens still has at least one supporter in his corner.

So, you think these two ever shacked up? We bet Suzyn really tried. And it’s obvious Roger’s not the kind of guy to say no.