Suspects Fingered In Mini-Wrestler Murder Case

Because I know that you’ve been clamoring for justice in the sad deaths of little-person Mexican wrestlers La Parkita and Espectrito Jr., I bring you this breaking news. A woman has been detained by Mexican police, who believe she is one of the two presumed prostitutes who drugged the tiny wrestlers in a hotel room, where they were later found dead. Why do I say “presumed” prostitutes? You’ll understand after the jump (yech).

Mexican authorities have also arrested five hotel workers who may have tampered with hotel surveillance in order to obscure the identities of the two sex workers. Meanwhile, a memorial service and funeral for the wrestlers — whose real names are Alberto and Alejandro Jimenez — was held recently. As seen above, apparently some of the mourners wore masks. That didn’t even happen at the Michael Jackson funeral, did it?

The victims, veteran stars of the Lucha Mini world of midget wrestling (who occasionally crossed over to perform in WWE and WWF events), were allegedly drugged by two women whom they had brought to a hotel after a match in the Mexican city of Cuauhtémoc.

Police have detained a woman in the deaths of two professional wrestlers who were found drugged in a low-rent hotel in the Mexican capital. The 65-year-old suspect is one of two women caught on surveillance video leaving the victims’ hotel room, Mexico City prosecutors said in a statement.

The statement said an autopsy on the two wrestlers, who were brothers, detected a substance found in eye drops that can damage the nervous system when mixed with alcohol.

Yep, 65 years old. I guess that the wrestlers, who were twins in their early 30s, figured their combined age made the hookup seem normal.

Police latter nabbed a gang who worked at the hotel and may have been in on the deed.

Investigators into the case of slain lucha libre fighters Alberto and Alejandro Jimenez have fingered five hotel workers after it was discovered that they were related to the women last seen with the two men. Two women who were — or were posing as — prostitutes entered the Hotel Moderno in Cuauhtémoc with the two wrestlers.

Explained DF Attorney General Miguel Ángel Mancera:

“We’ve found, thanks to the police’s investigative work, that there was some relation or line of communication between the workers and the people involved in this crime against the luchadors. This evidence has been turned over to a judge who chose to place the parties involved under surveillance as a precautionary measure.”

(La Parkita and Espectrito Jr., RIP)