Susan Myers Groundbreaking Female Football Coach Wrote Book Used By Mike Leach

5,000 MORE TRIPS TO BURGER KING AND SHE’LL BE ALL SET: The WALL STREET JOURNAL recently had an interesting piece about a female, 55-year-old former investment banker who is now a football coach.

Susan Myers

Susan Myers made the strange decision to become a high school football coach after going to a Dallas Cowboys game in 1993 and later attending Emmitt Smith’s local football camp a year later.Her coaching career isn’t exactly decorated, as she’s had eight different coaching jobs in eight years, and has had to resort to faking her gender on job applications to get interviews. And she’s since been fired on several occasions, so you might wonder if she’s in over her head.

Susan Myers

The most intriguing part of the story is the instructional book she wrote about coaching, called “The Complete Handbook of Coaching Wide Receivers“. Turns out the book is one of the top sellers in the football coaching category, and is used by passing game guru Mike Leach of Texas Tech.But no matter her technical expertise, it’s going to be an uphill coaching climb for Myers, considering she never played the game.

Mangino Weis

Her only hope to make the big time: Have gender reassignment surgery and start eating 16 meals-a-day.