Survivor: NFL Boaters Let Sea Sweep Them Away

• The lone survivor of the NFL Florida boat wreck says Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper took off their life jackets & let the sea sweep them away.

Nick Schuyler NFL boat survivor

• Former New Orleans Saints RB Deuce McAllister is having a hell of a time with his car dealership in Mississippi.

• Good news: The Baltimore Orioles want to give you a free ticket for your birthday. Bad news: It’s for a Baltimore Orioles game.

• A couple of Wisconsin kids are in trouble for taking a whiz in sodas sold at a high school basketball game.

John Wooden’s children beg you - please, no more autographs.

• A Spring Training spectator is red faced after a bloody injury most foul.

• Did Lute Olson leave just in time before Arizona gets into NCAA trouble?

• A high school cheerleader & track star is shot & killed by her boyfriend.

• And the winner of today’s bedeviled Dukester caption contest is…

Jon Scheyer Duke Toney Douglas Florida State

TheWenz, with these helpful directions: You have to take the hershey highway to get to tobacco road.

Thanks for playing. A new contest comes bouncing your way tomorrow.