Supreme Court Sides w/Fantasy Players Over MLB

Rejoice, fantasy baseball geeks! The U.S. Supreme Court is on your side!

Bud Selig justice statue

The WASHINGTON POST passes down the verdict that the Court rejected an appeal by Major League Baseball over the use of player names & statistics in fantasy leagues.

MLB has wanted a bigger slice of the fantasy baseball pie, a business now worth about $1.5 billion. The league claims that they control the rights to the names & stats of pro ball players, and that fantasy league should ask MLB’s permission for it’s use - not to mention the licensing fees that would go along with it.

However, previous courts had ruled that fantasy leagues publishing players’ info were protected under First Amendment rights - the same protection the media has in covering the games. And now the highest court in the land had upheld the ruling.

Sorry, Bud Selig - this isn’t the Tinley Park Little League you’re dealing with.

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