Super Bowl show expands into a circus

Wasn’t it about, oh, six months ago when SportsByBrooks revealed the squirly entertaiment plans for Feb. 4 Super Bowl XLI in Miami — namely, Cirque Du Soleil would to the pregame and Prince would perform at the half?

The NFL finally confirmed the whole shebang this week (check the date of this press release). Bravo.

Cirque du Soiel

The twist to what the NFL calls “an unprecedented performance” is that those crazy contortonists at Cirque Du Soleil will provide “a living, breathing canvas” for Miami-based artist Romero Britto, whose “signature pop-art has come to define the color and vibrancy of South Florida.”

If only they could push the three-ring kickoff back to, say, Feb. 20, they could coordinate this whole mess with Fat Tuesday and have the Budweiser frogs make their commercial appearance: