Super Bowl Rings Stolen In Massachusetts Heist

Attlelboro is known as “The Jewelry Capital Of The World,” according to WIKIPEDIA, but now the small Massachusetts town will soon become known for something else — the site of a $2 million jewelry heist that took place last weekend.

New York Giants Super Bowl rings

Among the goods stolen in the heist were an undetermined number of New York Giants Super Bowl rings. Somebody bring in Bill Belichick for questioning!


Thieves disabled the alarm system at E.A. Dion’s building on Franklin McKay Drive, cut a hole in the roof and made off with a safe that weighed at least 1,000 pounds. It held the rings, gold, and gems.

The incident was discovered by an employee on Sunday when she was unable to access her work e-mail from home, apparently because the phone lines had been cut.

There are no suspects. It’s considered the biggest heist in Attleboro’s history.

Actually, we do have one suspect. One that’s prone to breaking the rules in big ways. One that’s looking to lavish his cadre of ladies with a variety of jewels. One that’s about $250,000 lighter after being fined by the NFL for SpyGate. One that’s a jerky NFL coach by the name of William Stephen Belichick!

Bill Belichick Celtics

I’m sure Coach Bill has a nice catalog of surveillance video of E.A. Dion’s security signals. And since Foxboro is less than 20 minutes from Attlelboro, this case is obviously a slam dunk.

Google Maps Foxboro Attelboro

Too bad, Coach. You would have gotten away with it, too, if wasn’t for us meddling bloggers. But look on the bright side: If your trademark request for “19-0″ never goes through, you might have a shot at getting “25 to life.”