Space Age Technology Kills Montana’s Secret Life

Remember the report that Joe Montana bugged out after having his photo snapped at a Super Bowl party?

Joe Montana

Arash Markazi of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, in his breakdown of every single Super Bowl party, has this followup from the “Madden Bowl” party last week:

“Joe Montana, Dwight Clark and Chris Berman sitting in a VIP booth with a bevy of beauties surrounding them. Montana seem resigned to the possibility that images of his night on the town might end up online. “It seems like everyone has a camera on these,” he said picking up his cell phone. “You can’t do anything privately anymore.”

Don’t suppose Berman pal’d along with Montana and Clark for any particular reason, eh?

Heidi Montag

Markazi ranks all the parties (Maxim, Playboy, ESPN) and has some fun details, like Wade Phillips doing “Soulja Boy” in front of Jerry Jones, and a strange odor emanating from the Playboy party. Some highlights after the jump - along with Maxim party photos (and Heidi Montag’s alarming boob job).

Maxim: “Maxim completely took over one of the nicest resorts in Arizona and the result was hands down the best Super Bowl party this year and one of the best in years.” (party photo link)

ESPN: “With Maxim throwing their party at the same time, getting anyone but hired talent to stay longer than they had to was a thankless task.

Playboy: “The longest party commute also provided the strongest outdoor odor as the smell of manure permeated outside the Playboy tent at the Wild Horse Pass.

John Travolta Marshall Faulk party: “Wade Phillips did his own rendition of Soulja Boy as soon as it came on, to the delight of Jerry Jones.

Wondering if there were any Scientology “stress tests” available to partygoers?

Leigh Steinberg party: “The afternoon soiree attracts mostly an aging group of guests from retired players to business associates.

We’ll pass on that last one next year in Tampa.

UPDATE: WITH LEATHER was at the Penthouse party. Was the Barely Legal party booked?