Super Bowl May Be Headed to London In The Future

BLIMEY! SUPER BOWL MAY SOON BE SAILING FOR LONDON: Hope you like kippers and kidneys on your nachos, as the NFL has their Super Bowl sights set on London:

NFL Crystal London

The SANTA BARBARA NEWS-PRESS reports that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell mentioned the possibility of bringing the Lombardi trophy to Blighty.

He says there’s a “great deal of interest” in the Isles to host the game and of his league in general. About 95,000 tickets have already been sold for October 28, when the Giants and Dolphins meet at Wembley Stadium.

A regular season game is one thing, but having Super Bowl Sunday start at 3 a.m. stateside? (We mean the actual game, not the pre-game coverage that already starts at that time.) We’re sure companies shelling out millions for a 30-second TV ad would love to see that.

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Besides, Tom Brady’s already been across the pond.

However, the commish did make the comments after a luncheon hosted by this year’s SB host committee. So, he might have just burped, and an AP reporter covering the meal might have misread his “belching” notes as “British”.