Suns, Rockets Getting Down & Dirty In The Desert

Barnes belts Rafer. Nash dashes in. Shaq shoves everyone. Things have certainly heated up between the Suns & Rockets.

Phoenix Suns Houston Rockets fight

• Maybe London isn’t so crazy about hosting the Olympics, after all.

• NASCAR honcho Bruton Smith could use some spare change - about a billion dollars’ worth.

Courtney Bryan: from NFL rosters to Arby’s roast beef.

Michael Jordan’s stock takes a fall as a Wall Streeter schools him in a little one-on-one.

• The wife of Randy Couture punches up a restraining order against her husband’s business partner.

• A high school football ref gets turned into roadkill by a ramblin’ RB.

• What better way to improve your lie than with these cutie caddies.

• And the champion of today’s Camby caption contest is….

Marcus Camby Clippers

Shawn H., who lets one rip with: Someone has to tell Shaq to stop farting when he posts up… It makes my eyes burn.

One more CapCon comes your way tomorrow. Good luck, and keep a stiff upper lip!