Mets Greeted By Furries: “The Odor Was Horrific”

Just what the Mets needed: As their team bus pulled into Pittsburgh Wednesday night for today’s makeup game with the Pirates, they were greeted not by smiling bellhops at the Westin Hotel, but by that city’s annual convention of furries — Anthrocon ‘09 — which celebrates those who enjoy dressing as animals. If you’ve seen “The Shining,” how can you forget the scene in which Shelley Duval breaks in on two people in mouse costumes in one of the hotel rooms? That still haunts my dreams. Yep, furries.

All of this pretty much freaked out SNY broadcaster Kevin Burkhardt, who encountered several furries at the hotel and has been tweeting about it all day. But for real hilarity, take a look at this transcript of a conversation between Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez during the game on SNY just a couple of hours ago:

Gary: “The strangest convention I’ve ever seen is at our hotel here in Pittsburgh. You know, we travel around the country and you see parts of our society and our culture that you never would have encountered anywhere else. There are a group of people, about 4,000 strong, convening in Pittsburgh this week, people that dress up as stuffed animals.”

Keith: “They’re cuddly bears. They like to cuddle.”

Gary: “Bears, birds, dogs, wolves.”

Keith: “What are they called? Farriors?”

Gary: “Here’s the 0-2 …”

Keith: “All I know is I got in the elevator with four of them and the odor was horrific. I had to get off. I was on the 17th floor going down and I had to jump out at the 10th floor, I almost passed out.”

Gary: “Those costumes don’t breathe very well.”

Gary: “It was something, we got to the hotel last night coming from Milwaukee last night and there’s a person in a wolf costume, and there was another in a dog costume.”

Keith: “I saw a guy with his pet beaver, and he was stroking it, petting it. “


Keith: “Serious. It was like a stuffed animal and he was comforting it. Very bizarre.”

Gary: “Different world.”

(But what do the furries think of that mustache?)

Burkhardt, however, was not too horrified to pose with one for a photo at the hotel. But beware: The Curse of the Furries is real, my friends. They got to the Yankees last year, and we know what happened to them in the AL East. The year before it was the Brewers, who made some disparaging comments about the Furries and then went on an 11-game losing streak.

Predictably, however, Bob Uecker was not fazed.